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  • 80% of all viruses start in the gut
  • Our immune system weakens as we age

BOOST your immunity NOW, with Vitamin C Liposomal form, Grapefruit extract, Pro & Prebiotics

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Recommended dosage:
2 Capsules in the morning with breakfast
or 1 morning, 1 at lunch

Recommended dosage:
2 in the morning, fasting

Recommended dosage:
20 drops in the morning & in the evening

Recommended for under 12yo Immunity
(5 drops morning & evening)

What's in the pack?


Boost Immunity


(Liposomal form)
Daily Dose of Vitamin C - 730mg
The liposomal form is the most effective absorption because it allows Vitamin C to better penetrate where it must act at the very heart of our cells.

60 Capsules


For Gut Health


Probiotics nourish good bacteria that everyone has within our gut and act as a good fertiliser for good bacteria. Coriander supports the digestive system which is also excellent for anti-inflammatory diseases.

60 Capsules


For a Boost


Liquid Dietary supplement containing Grapefruit seed extract. 
Grapefruit extract is used for balancing the intestines and kills off the bacteria with his Vitamin C content it contributes to the normal functioning of the Immune System and protects cells against oxidative stress.

50ml Dropper

What is Liposomal Vitamin C?

QuantaVitC will be used as a dietary supplement , in prevention and cure during seasonal infections, in stress situation , in case of anemia, in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancers , cataracts, macular degeneration.
Why Liposomal Vitamin C ?

A liposome is a microbead of phospholipids, just like the cells in your body.
Today we manage to trap Vitamin C  inside these liposomes.

As it is a ball of fat , its absorption is not limited like that of aqueous vitamin C.  It crosses the intestinal barrier well hidden in its bubble.

Once absorbed , the liposome is not immediately eliminated in urine with aqueous waste, it continues its journey within organs and tissues.

Thanks to liposomes , Vitamin C is better absorbed , then transported and released at the very heart of our cells.

( Do not use for children under 12 years old )


Recommended by
Valérie Espinasse,  Pharmacist & Micronutritionist



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